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His style is defined as «progressively explosive», since it is a Techno with a lot of groove but a mixture of tribal and more aggressive sounds that lead the public to a real delirium on the dance floor, which is why he is in charge of closing most of the big parties and festivals where he works.

Techno and Tech House artist who began his career in 1989.

In his early years he became the pioneer of techno music in Galicia through what would also be the first techno club in the region, the influential club «Oxido».

That would be the starting point to begin taking his sessions throughout the entire Spanish territory, Portugal where today he is a benchmark in the techno scene and of course in various countries around the world spread throughout Europe, Latin America or Russia. among others.

His «progressively explosive» style means that his sessions are full of rhythm, forcefulness and always have a single objective, to make electronic lovers dance.

In 2001 he was in charge of recording the Official CD of what has been until today the largest techno festival in the neighboring country, «Tecnolandia» (Portugal) and at the same time he became the artist in charge of closing all the editions of said event and record the successive CDs of the following editions of said festival. The CD called «Tecnolandia 2001» with Techouse and Techno sounds became a resounding success, reaching number 5 of the best-selling CDs in the country. In that same year he was also nominated in Portugal for best international DJ of Techno music along with Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Josh Wink, and Samuel L Sessions and among almost all of the best DJs in the world who tour this country throughout each year. anus.

In 2002 he continued to expand his work to new areas of Spain and Portugal where he was once again in charge of recording the CD for the «Tecnolandia 2002» edition.

In 2003 he was nominated again in Portugal for best international DJ along with Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills and Plasticman and recorded his third CD «Tecnolandia 2003» this time starting with a more tech house style to end with his Techno always maintaining that rhythm and dynamism that characterizes their sessions.
He participates in «Danzoo Music» (Madrid) and as usual he also participates in almost all of the different festivals in the neighboring country: «Elektro parade 2003», «MTV 2003», «Tecnolandia 2003» etc.

In 2004, the electronic music magazine in Portugal «Dance Club» proposed that he be responsible for the musical selection and recording of a CD taking advantage of the 8th anniversary of said magazine. This CD has been called «I Love Techno 3».
As has been usual in each of the previous years, he is once again in charge of the selection and mixing of the CD «Tecnolandia 2004», his fifth CD and this year having the nomination for the «Awards 2004» of Portugal as best mixed music CD electronic, apart from being nominated again for best international DJ along with Carl Cox, Dj Rush, Eric Morillo and Louie Vega. At the end of the year he brought his sound to one of the great and well-known Budapest (Hungary) festivals «Hyperspace» together with Alter Ego, Funk D’void and Adam Beyer.

At the end of 2005 he was offered his own radio program about techno and tech house on the most powerful electronic music station in the country, Loca Fm. His program would be called GSUS TECH.

In 2007 he began the creation of his own record label called GSUS TECH RECORDS, where he decided to release the label’s first reference composed of two of his productions called «GSUS TECH» and «OXIDO», being a best-seller on vinyl and placing itself in the Top 10 track by various artists of national and international renown.

In 2009 he made the first of 2 tours through Latin America that included Brazil and Colombia.
At the end of the year he does it in the city of Moscow (Russia).
In this same year and without leaving Techno at all, he decided to return to «all night sets» that he had previously performed and where he combined more styles to end with Techno, hence the name of those nights called «House to Techno» that They would be a classic in clubs like Pacha (Portugal)

In 2010, thanks to the great acceptance of his sessions in this aspect and the proposals of new clubs aimed at house, he created a project called «GSUS HOUSE NIGHT», a name that identifies his nights with a softer aspect and that would combine both musical styles. . This new project also begins to form an indispensable part of his work as a DJ and quickly disperses his house sound through various clubs and festivals.

To celebrate his 25-year career, he performs different events called «25th Anniversary Tour» in various countries around the world and which would also include being part of the line-up of the event «The Revolutions Continues by Carl Cox.»

Apart from taking his music to the aforementioned countries, he has continued to add territories such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, etc. and has been part of well-known events and clubs such as Fabric, Aquasella (Asturias), Nature One (Germany) …




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